Ashley Graf
20 March 2017

What happened at the FFA's first hackathon.

“This event is all about empowering girls to realise their potential – and what better way to facilitate that process than through football. Playing football and participating in this Hackathon share something in common. They both involve high speed problem solving to achieve an end goal. Our goal for this event is to get the participants to think about football in a different way to which they probably have in the past.” - FFA’s Head of Community, Football Development and Women’s Football, Emma Highwood.

We were delighted to have the support of the judges, who all shared interests (and involvement!) in football and tech. These brilliant creatures shared their insights on digital transformation in sports. 

  • Daily Telegraph Swoop (Fiona Bollen)
  • Tableau (Mac Bryla)
  • NRL, Twitter (David Ray)
  • Brainmates (Jen Marshall)
  • FFA (Rob Squillacioti)
  • Michael Hamilton
  • Brainmates (Jen Marshall)
  • FFA (Dougal Guppy)

The women definitely rose to the challenge! Just for Kicks won with their idea for a pick-up game platform that could funnel women into clubs. It was almost too close to call between Goalie and Fit Fem, who were second and third respectively. 

At one point, #hackffa was trending in Australia, ranking 18. It was featured in the Daily Telegraph and News.com.au, Business Insider, geekinsydney, Hackathon Trends 2017.

We had a great time working together with the FFA and Node Girls Australia on the challenges facing women’s football. 

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